Friday, 27 May 2011

Farewell.....(for now!)

First of all, I would like to apologise for being a bit rubbish on my blog, I finished uni two weeks ago today actually, and since then I've been really busy with work and just chilling and I haven't really had any thoughts about what to write! So I do apologise, hopefully once everything has settled down I can get back onto blogging.

Anyway onto the farewell, I am off on holiday for two weeks, and I will be visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. TOTALLY TOO EXCITED!!!! So I'll be quiet for about two weeks and then I will come back and update everyone. I hope everyone has a fab two weeks.

Lucy xx

Monday, 9 May 2011

Summer OOTD...

Cardigan - Topshop
Vest Top - Primark
Denim Shorts - Topshop
Leather Belt - Topshop
Sandals - ASOS
Mini Satchel - Cath Kidston
Sunglasses - Ray Ban Wayfarers
Necklaces - Ebay & H&M

I know I said I wasn't going to do any posts for a while but my friend just posted this photo of me and I love it so thought I'd do a brief OOTD although I wore this outfit about a week ago!

This was taken at a beautiful National Trust forest walk called Fyne Court on one of the glorious sunny days we had a week or so ago. It was a lovely morning and a nice break from revision! Anyway speaking of revision I have to get back but hope you all enjoyed the post!

Lucy xx

Saturday, 7 May 2011

The month of May...

Well, I can't really believe we are in May already! 2011 is speeding by really fast! Sorry I've been on the quiet front recently, I've got six days left of my degree. It's a pretty stressful time at the moment, I've managed to finish my last ever piece of coursework which is due on Monday and I'm just receiving for my exam at the moment (equity and trusts for anyone who is interested!) I honestly cannot wait until next Friday, 4pm is going to be such an exciting time!

However until then I'm probably going to be quite quiet trying to get all the revision out of the way, but as of next week I will be back on the blogging radar and I am actually going to start doing some outfit posts I think over summer, I've also got some other little ideas in the pipelines, DIY bits and bobs. So I hope everyone has a lovely second week in May and I will be back soon.

Lucy xx

Saturday, 30 April 2011

William and Kate...

The Official Royal Wedding photographs

The Official Royal Wedding photographs

Now I know I am a bit late to the blogging party but I can't really let this weekend past without a post! So who else watched the wedding yesterday?? How amazing was it?!! I had a fabulous morning with my friend, drinking tea, eating cookies and discussing *THAT* hat (I am sure you all know who I mean...) but of course the day was all about William and Kate and they were both just amazing.

The dress was just beautiful, I thought there would be some lace, but it was just so fabulous, I honestly thought both of them looked like the epitome of a Prince and Princess. Her hair was also fabulous, it was nice to have a down do for a bride, it was a bit less formal but as her trademark is her fabulous locks I think it was very appropriate.

I think they looked very much in love throughout the whole wedding and my favourite part was of course the kiss, and the reaction of Kate when she stepped onto the balcony, it just summed up the whole day I think.

I will leave this post with some of the fabulous official photographs, and of course the kissing shot with the lovely grumpy bridesmaid!

My best wishes and congratulations to William and Catherine.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy chocolate day...

Good evening fellow bloggers,

I'm still battling on with the last little bit of my degree, and counting down slowly to my holiday, in about three weeks I'll be totally finished with undergraduate education and I can't quite believe it. I promise to start blogging more as soon as that has finished.

Happy easter to all of you that follow it, I was extremely pleased to see easter arrive as I had given up chocolate for lent and I was definitely in need of a chocolate fix, so today couldn't come soon enough! I even had a mini easter egg hunt this morning perfect! As well as being easter it's actually been my boyfriend's and I anniversary, we've been together 6 years which I can't quite believe. We decided to go to Lyme for the day to enjoy the sunshine, it was ridiculously hot and just beautiful. The only annoying thing about sharing an anniversary with easter was that nearly all of the pubs and restaurants were closed so we couldn't go out for tea, so we enjoyed a bbq instead with a bit of Indiana Jones after! Perfect!

I also got a Kindle as my present, best present EVER!! I am a ridiculously fast reader and was a bit worried about how many books to take with me on a two week holiday so this is a huge lifesaver. I ordered a custom gelaskin last night with Totoro on, I cannot wait to receive it!

Anyway happy easter! I hope everyone else had a lovely day, and let me know if you have an Kindle recommendations! :)

Monday, 11 April 2011


I don't know where the past week has gone really! It's been a super busy week for me and we've had some beautiful weather!

I started the week in London with my mum, we were having a shopping trip ready for my trip to Florida. We went to the Kings Road which was amazing, we've never been before and I loved it. The Cath Kidston shop was amazing! The next day we were up and shopping by half past 8! We definitely meant business! So much so we were actually finished by midday but we had done amazingly well and I came home with three pairs of shoes, a dress for graduation and various summery items! They will definitely be featuring in some OOTD posts in the near feature!

Anyway we've had such beautiful sunshine the past week it has made me want to buy even more summer clothes so I've had a quick scout around and picked some of my favourites!

Let me know what you're lusting after for summer! I think there are some beautiful items in the shops at the moment and I can't wait for more sunshine to wear them all!

Lucy xx

P.s. I've also got some bits and bobs on ebay if you fancy a look! :)

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Green Monster Movement...

So whilst stumbling ( around on the Internet the other day I found the Green Monster movement, interesting I thought, after reading the web page and many reviews on the Internet, this green monster smoothie sounds AMAZING!! Not only is it meant to improve your energy but is also meant to help improve your skin and hair health. Perfect!

I have just made one now after purchasing some flax seed at Julian Graves. For everyone in the UK, Julian Graves actually has a 50% off sale at the moment on EVERYTHING!! So my big bag of flax seed was only £2.49, bargain! So it's well worth having a look if you need any nuts or anything.

Anyway I can report that a smoothie made out of spinach is surprisingly nice. I did add some berries to it, as I like my smoothies sweet and with just a banana it wasn't sweet enough for me, but it is a lovely smoothie and if it helps improve my energy and skin then I can't really complain! So for all of you looking for a new health kick I can definitely recommend this!

Let me know if you have any more healthy options!

Lucy xx

P.S. Here are some of my favourite blogs at the moment so check them out! :)

Monday, 28 March 2011


1, 2, 3, 4
5, 6, 7

Hello again!

It's been a couple of weeks but I've had my dissertation hanging over my head, but I handed it in on Friday and I had the weekend off, so I thought it was about time I made another blog post. I've only got two more pieces of coursework and one exam and then I am totally finished with undergraduate education which at the moment is a pretty scary prospect.

I fully intend to start doing outfit posts over summer, I just need to purchase a tripod so I can actually take the photos myself without bothering family members. I'm also going to get my Etsy shop back up and running when I have time to craft again. I am really looking forward to summer at the moment.

I hope you like all of the clothes I've chosen, I think they are all very cute and summery, I especially love the gingham bikini, think I might have to make a purchase. I really love the polka dot peg leg trousers, but I really wish they were in another colour, I really loathe to wear black when it becomes sunnier, so it really puts me off buying them. I've got a £5 off £20 ASOS voucher at the moment (thank you diet coke!) so just deciding what I might like to purchase.

I'm also planning a foundation review in a bit, once I've had a week to test out my new Clinique Anti-Blemish foundation. Let me know if there's anything you want me to cover.

Lucy xx

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Spring has Sprung...

Hello all,

I hope Spring is treating you well? It's been glorious here the past few days, so in my breaks in between coursework writing and Dissertation woes I've put together a quick Polyvore of beautiful Spring clothes. I hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think!

Lucy xx

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Pancake Day...

Hello hello,

Happy Pancake day!! This is honestly one of my favourite days of the year, I love pancakes so much!! I was fully anticipating having pancakes for breakfast, lunch and tea but unfortunately Uni wasn't working with me and they had no pancakes so I had to make so with salad!! I have however just had four pancakes for my tea! The traditional lemon and sugar and then some nutella! Yum! Here's a fab easy recipe for all of you who haven't yet made any - Delia Smith Recipe!

Is anyone giving up anything for Lent? I'm not actually religious but I do see Lent as a good excuse to give up some of my cravings! So for the third year in a row I'm going to give up chocolate. As much as I love chocolate I actually really do enjoy giving it up, it's nice to have a break from it! Let me know if your giving anything up.

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I've got two weeks until my Dissertation is due, as well as countless other pieces of coursework so I am a bit snowed under! I will be putting together some more outfits soon, and I fully intend to start doing outfits of the day once most of my work is finished for uni!

Happy Pancake Day.

Lucy xx

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Owl-ing Around...

This is my latest creation on Polyvore, I'm meant to be packing my bag for Uni tomorrow so of course I found something else to procrastinate with! I actually bought this dress the other day and I LOVE it, I haven't yet worn it but I think it can be dressed up in so many different ways.

I love the bag as well, although it is a bit more than I'd spend on an ordinary day bag, it's super cute. I think apart from the dress the ring is my favourite part of the outfit, it reminds me of a Golden Snitch? I don't know if that's just the Harry Potter fangirl part of me though!

I hope you like it! Have a good week!

Lucy xx

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Polyvore ponderings...

TopShop dress
$60 -

Lace up pumps
$55 -

Cream handbag
$50 -

Engraved ring
$25 -

Turquoise jewelry
$20 -

I'm on a roll with blog posts today! So I have just found the wonders of Polyvore through another blog, I think I am about three years later than the rest of the world, but just incase anyone else hasn't found it. It's basically a website that lists clothes from thousands of brands/shops and you can put together different outfits from different websites/shops to see how clothes together. Basically an online lookbook! I love it!

I quickly put together a Topshop outfit, as you can probably guess I have a lot of affection for Topshop, I really like the outfit I put together though, I think it's really easy to wear and really cute. Unfortunately I have tried the dress on and it doesn't really suit me but I still think it's a really cute dress!

The only annoying thing I can foresee at the moment is that it only seems to have the prices in dollars but that might just be because I'm a beginner, I will try just to list clothing that is available on the UK site though!

Hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think.

Lucy xx

Review: True Grit

So I did promise I'd do a review of True Grit, so here it is! I have to admit I went in not expecting much as it really isn't my cup of tea, I wouldn't personally choose to watch a Western. I was proven right unfortunately, there were a lot of funny moments, and I did laugh along but equally there was also a lot of boring monologue and I have to admit I didn't actually gel with the characters. I do think part of it was my own fault because I went into the film thinking I wouldn't like it, so I ended up not liking it.

However I can understand that it's a brilliant film, the cinematography was amazing, the settings were beautiful, and equally the acting was very good, it is definitely worthy of Oscar nominations, it just isn't my kind of film. My boyfriend LOVED it and I got a running commentary all night, so if you think you will like it then I imagine you will and I would recommend it, but for me I wouldn't watch it again!

I've been looking around all the shops and online today and I've found lots of lovely clothes so I'm going to put together a wants post tonight or tomorrow so watch out for it!

Lucy xx

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


So I haven't been doing so well with my two posts a week resolution!! Sorry about that, I've been so bogged under with University work, I've only got three weeks until the final draft of my dissertation is handed in, whilst still doing all of my other coursework and seminar work, so it's an understatement to say I'm busy!

Anyway this is no excuse, so I will make a change! I also find it hard to decide what to write about, I don't want to just go on about boring things, I do want to be an interesting blogger! So in relation to the post below me, I have now acquired the shoes, they actually arrived yesterday, I managed to get them with the free postage from Topshop (they have extended this until the 25th Feb if anyone fancies getting anything!!) I got the size 6 as I am always a size 6, but these feel exceptionally small, and I don't think they are going to get comfy, so I've just ordered the size 7, I will compare them both when they come and return the one that doesn't fit. If the 7 is too big I think I will cry, they are so cute in the flesh!!

On to new things. There are so many films out at the moment and so many coming out soon!! I am a bit of a film lover, I definitely do not think I know anything intellectual about films, I just love going to the cinema, it is one of my favourite things to do!! Most recently I've watched Tangled, I am a HUGE lover of Disney and this film was just absolutely amazing, it was Disney back to their best, the songs were perfect and it was just a lovely film. It actually knocked Sleeping Beauty off my number two spot of all time favourite Disney films! My list is as follows:

1. Beauty and the Beast.
2. Tangled.
3. Sleeping Beauty.
4. Snow White
5. Princess and the Frog

I'll just do the top five of my Disney films, as you can see they are all Princess films, I think secretly I am a Princess, you never know, it could be like the Princess Diaries all over again!! Does anyone else has a Disney film list??

Anyway I'm off to watch True Grit this evening, it is definitely not my choice but I promised my boyfriend we would go and watch. I know it has got a lot of critical acclaim but Westerns are so not my thing and I would much prefer to just watch Just Go With It. But I am being a dutiful girlfriend so I will report back tomorrow with a review of the film!

I'm also putting together a few more weekly wants! Sorry for another boring post, I will hopefully start getting more exciting soon. And hello to all my new followers :)

Lucy xx

Friday, 4 February 2011

Haircut and Hello...


I've been pretty rubbish with my blog over January but I intend to post AT least two posts a week from now on. I just always find it hard deciding what to blog about! I've been super busy over January as I had coursework from hell to try and finish. That is now handed in and I'm concentrating on all of my lovely new modules for this semester and trying to finish my dissertation and making it sound intellectual!!

Anyway I've had my haircut today, I'm trying to grow it so I haven't had once since the start of November and I've really missed it. I think getting my haircut is one of my favourite pampering things to do. My hairdresser decided to leave my hair with it's natural volume today and not straighten it and I have to admit I really like it like this. Unfortunately when I blow dry it I tend to look like I've been dragged through a head backwards....

He also suggested trying out some sea salt spray for summer so I got some from Superdrug. I've never tried it before so it will probably first be tried on a day I do not have to leave the house in case it looks awful!! Has anyone else tried it?

Anyway! I have also been lusting after some of the new Spring/Summer collections. It's a bit of an annoying time at the moment because all of the shops are getting their fab S/S pieces in but it's still too cold and rubbish to want to wear any of them! But I do find looking at them and making a virtual shopping list helps me get through the dark wet days!

So this is my Spring/Summer lust list at the moment!

Rose Leather Heart Belt. - Topshop £16. They've got these in four different colours at the moment and I think they are FAB!! I am definitely getting one I just need to decide on the colour. Teamed with a pair of denim shorts (which I am still searching for so if you have any suggestions please let me know!) and a cute little vest top (the scallop ones from Topshop?) this will be a super cute accessory!

Patent T-Bar Shoes. - Topshop £55. Now these will definitely be a marmite shoe to a lot of people. I LOVE them and think they will look fab with a little tea dress, or even a pair or loose shorts, but I know a lot of people will hate them! I will definitely be buying these soon!

Racer Back Dress. - ASOS £20. I think these is a lovely plain day dress from ASOS that can be worn in so many different ways. The only criticism I have is I wish they offered it in more colours!

Straw Boater Hat. - Topshop £20. Now I'm not sure about this one. I really really want to love the Boater trend and I really want one. I just don't think I'm cool enough to pull one off. I also have a massive head and hats don't really fit me. I will definitely be searching this one out to try on though. I will keep you updated if I do decide to go for it!

Over knee Two Tone Socks. - ASOS £5. I think these are a lovely colour combination, they also have I think 5 more colour combinations. All will work well in the transition between warm thick woolly tights in winter and bare legs in summer. I didn't go for the over-the -knee trend last spring but I do feel like embracing it this year.

Anyway that's my lust list at the moment. Let me know what you think, and I will update soon! :)

Lucy xx

Monday, 10 January 2011

Some things I'm loving...

Here are some things I'm loving from Topshop at the moment;

1. Pink Floral Jumper £48 a really cute jumper that is perfect now but can equally be worn throughout spring. I love the colours, I think we all have a tendency to wear darker colours when it's dark and drab outside so a nice bit of pink is always going to cheer you up!

2. Pale Blue Cotton Cable Jumper £38 again another cute jumper that will make the transition well into spring. A great colour that would look fab with a bit of washed out jeans!

3. Cream Floral Stripe Dress £38 now this is a bit Spring/Summer and I don't think can really be worn until at least April. But I've seen this in the flesh and it is SO cute, very 50s and I'm sure would be super flattering. I am definitely going to watch out for this one when it starts to get a bit warmer!!

Apart from a bit of online lusting I haven't been up to much, I've got the dreaded cold that has been doing the rounds so I have spent today in bed or wrapping up all of my ebay that has sold! I did however buy a new camera this week (Nikon D3000) which I'll be doing a post about later this week once I pick it up! :)

Let me know what you are lusting after for spring/summer?

Bye for now x