Sunday, 27 February 2011

Owl-ing Around...

This is my latest creation on Polyvore, I'm meant to be packing my bag for Uni tomorrow so of course I found something else to procrastinate with! I actually bought this dress the other day and I LOVE it, I haven't yet worn it but I think it can be dressed up in so many different ways.

I love the bag as well, although it is a bit more than I'd spend on an ordinary day bag, it's super cute. I think apart from the dress the ring is my favourite part of the outfit, it reminds me of a Golden Snitch? I don't know if that's just the Harry Potter fangirl part of me though!

I hope you like it! Have a good week!

Lucy xx


  1. I love the ring - the first thing I thought of when I saw it was snitch too!

  2. Loving the dress and the bag, super cute!

  3. Glad it wasn't just me that though of a Snitch!! Thanks for the comments!x