Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Green Monster Movement...

So whilst stumbling ( around on the Internet the other day I found the Green Monster movement, interesting I thought, after reading the web page and many reviews on the Internet, this green monster smoothie sounds AMAZING!! Not only is it meant to improve your energy but is also meant to help improve your skin and hair health. Perfect!

I have just made one now after purchasing some flax seed at Julian Graves. For everyone in the UK, Julian Graves actually has a 50% off sale at the moment on EVERYTHING!! So my big bag of flax seed was only £2.49, bargain! So it's well worth having a look if you need any nuts or anything.

Anyway I can report that a smoothie made out of spinach is surprisingly nice. I did add some berries to it, as I like my smoothies sweet and with just a banana it wasn't sweet enough for me, but it is a lovely smoothie and if it helps improve my energy and skin then I can't really complain! So for all of you looking for a new health kick I can definitely recommend this!

Let me know if you have any more healthy options!

Lucy xx

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