Monday, 10 January 2011

Some things I'm loving...

Here are some things I'm loving from Topshop at the moment;

1. Pink Floral Jumper £48 a really cute jumper that is perfect now but can equally be worn throughout spring. I love the colours, I think we all have a tendency to wear darker colours when it's dark and drab outside so a nice bit of pink is always going to cheer you up!

2. Pale Blue Cotton Cable Jumper £38 again another cute jumper that will make the transition well into spring. A great colour that would look fab with a bit of washed out jeans!

3. Cream Floral Stripe Dress £38 now this is a bit Spring/Summer and I don't think can really be worn until at least April. But I've seen this in the flesh and it is SO cute, very 50s and I'm sure would be super flattering. I am definitely going to watch out for this one when it starts to get a bit warmer!!

Apart from a bit of online lusting I haven't been up to much, I've got the dreaded cold that has been doing the rounds so I have spent today in bed or wrapping up all of my ebay that has sold! I did however buy a new camera this week (Nikon D3000) which I'll be doing a post about later this week once I pick it up! :)

Let me know what you are lusting after for spring/summer?

Bye for now x


  1. oh i was looking at that dress from topshop on thursday - i am quite in love

  2. Love the dress, very cute.

    Sadie x