Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy chocolate day...

Good evening fellow bloggers,

I'm still battling on with the last little bit of my degree, and counting down slowly to my holiday, in about three weeks I'll be totally finished with undergraduate education and I can't quite believe it. I promise to start blogging more as soon as that has finished.

Happy easter to all of you that follow it, I was extremely pleased to see easter arrive as I had given up chocolate for lent and I was definitely in need of a chocolate fix, so today couldn't come soon enough! I even had a mini easter egg hunt this morning perfect! As well as being easter it's actually been my boyfriend's and I anniversary, we've been together 6 years which I can't quite believe. We decided to go to Lyme for the day to enjoy the sunshine, it was ridiculously hot and just beautiful. The only annoying thing about sharing an anniversary with easter was that nearly all of the pubs and restaurants were closed so we couldn't go out for tea, so we enjoyed a bbq instead with a bit of Indiana Jones after! Perfect!

I also got a Kindle as my present, best present EVER!! I am a ridiculously fast reader and was a bit worried about how many books to take with me on a two week holiday so this is a huge lifesaver. I ordered a custom gelaskin last night with Totoro on, I cannot wait to receive it!

Anyway happy easter! I hope everyone else had a lovely day, and let me know if you have an Kindle recommendations! :)


  1. hope you had a fab easter too x

  2. Cute picture :) x