Thursday, 24 February 2011

Review: True Grit

So I did promise I'd do a review of True Grit, so here it is! I have to admit I went in not expecting much as it really isn't my cup of tea, I wouldn't personally choose to watch a Western. I was proven right unfortunately, there were a lot of funny moments, and I did laugh along but equally there was also a lot of boring monologue and I have to admit I didn't actually gel with the characters. I do think part of it was my own fault because I went into the film thinking I wouldn't like it, so I ended up not liking it.

However I can understand that it's a brilliant film, the cinematography was amazing, the settings were beautiful, and equally the acting was very good, it is definitely worthy of Oscar nominations, it just isn't my kind of film. My boyfriend LOVED it and I got a running commentary all night, so if you think you will like it then I imagine you will and I would recommend it, but for me I wouldn't watch it again!

I've been looking around all the shops and online today and I've found lots of lovely clothes so I'm going to put together a wants post tonight or tomorrow so watch out for it!

Lucy xx

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