Monday, 17 May 2010



I'm not sure who reads my blog but I've been a bit absent. It's a totally hectic semester at Uni, but the end is SO close. I have one exam left and then it's summer!! Talking of Summer and I planning to bake (And eat) loads of cupcakes, which of course I will document.

But whilst we are waiting for my (hopefully) amazing cupcakes, here are some amazing websites everyone should have a look at.

First of all my most favourite website EVER what more do you need that Winnie The Pooh cake pops!!

Secondly the best website for cake decoration. Unfortunately I can't find the same kind of things in the UK.

And finally for some fab looking cupcakes

I hope those are enough to keep you going for now. I will definitely be back soon and will update with some clothes updates and cupcakes pictures!