Friday, 4 February 2011

Haircut and Hello...


I've been pretty rubbish with my blog over January but I intend to post AT least two posts a week from now on. I just always find it hard deciding what to blog about! I've been super busy over January as I had coursework from hell to try and finish. That is now handed in and I'm concentrating on all of my lovely new modules for this semester and trying to finish my dissertation and making it sound intellectual!!

Anyway I've had my haircut today, I'm trying to grow it so I haven't had once since the start of November and I've really missed it. I think getting my haircut is one of my favourite pampering things to do. My hairdresser decided to leave my hair with it's natural volume today and not straighten it and I have to admit I really like it like this. Unfortunately when I blow dry it I tend to look like I've been dragged through a head backwards....

He also suggested trying out some sea salt spray for summer so I got some from Superdrug. I've never tried it before so it will probably first be tried on a day I do not have to leave the house in case it looks awful!! Has anyone else tried it?

Anyway! I have also been lusting after some of the new Spring/Summer collections. It's a bit of an annoying time at the moment because all of the shops are getting their fab S/S pieces in but it's still too cold and rubbish to want to wear any of them! But I do find looking at them and making a virtual shopping list helps me get through the dark wet days!

So this is my Spring/Summer lust list at the moment!

Rose Leather Heart Belt. - Topshop £16. They've got these in four different colours at the moment and I think they are FAB!! I am definitely getting one I just need to decide on the colour. Teamed with a pair of denim shorts (which I am still searching for so if you have any suggestions please let me know!) and a cute little vest top (the scallop ones from Topshop?) this will be a super cute accessory!

Patent T-Bar Shoes. - Topshop £55. Now these will definitely be a marmite shoe to a lot of people. I LOVE them and think they will look fab with a little tea dress, or even a pair or loose shorts, but I know a lot of people will hate them! I will definitely be buying these soon!

Racer Back Dress. - ASOS £20. I think these is a lovely plain day dress from ASOS that can be worn in so many different ways. The only criticism I have is I wish they offered it in more colours!

Straw Boater Hat. - Topshop £20. Now I'm not sure about this one. I really really want to love the Boater trend and I really want one. I just don't think I'm cool enough to pull one off. I also have a massive head and hats don't really fit me. I will definitely be searching this one out to try on though. I will keep you updated if I do decide to go for it!

Over knee Two Tone Socks. - ASOS £5. I think these are a lovely colour combination, they also have I think 5 more colour combinations. All will work well in the transition between warm thick woolly tights in winter and bare legs in summer. I didn't go for the over-the -knee trend last spring but I do feel like embracing it this year.

Anyway that's my lust list at the moment. Let me know what you think, and I will update soon! :)

Lucy xx


  1. Great photo & hair cut! Your lust list items are cute.

  2. I love that hat from Topshop. I'm a new follower. Come check out my giveaway.


  3. Hi Audrey! I love the hat, I'm hoping they'll have it in Bristol when I go next week as my local is rubbish! I'll check you blog out now :D xx

    And thanks Sarah! I just wish I could afford everything ;-) xx