Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy 2011!!

Good evening and Happy New Year,

I hope everyone is so far enjoying 2011! I've worked today so it's been a bit weird, but I am now settled down and watching Indiana Jones (and Shia LaBeouf) so everything is better again!

Anyway so this is the obligatory what I plan to do in 2011 post. I don't really make resolutions, I never keep them, or I forget what they are. I do however have aims and dreams of what I want to achieve in 2011. Unfortunately a lot of it involves money!!

1. Achieve a 2:1 in my degree. I'm doing a Law degree and I have one semester left, totally scary as it seems like only yesterday I was moving into halls. I really really want a 2:1 and I am working my socks off to get one, so fingers crossed it will happen!

2. Have lots of fun in Disney and Harry Potter - Not too hard, I'm off in May/June and I am SUPER excited!!

3. Own a Kindle! I'm becoming more accustomed to a Kindle as the days go by and I read more about them. I read a lot, I can usually get through a book a day if it really interests me and this definitely does not help when I go on holiday and I have nothing better to do than read, on a one week holiday I can easily read 8/9 books. So of course on a two week holiday to Florida I was dreading taking reading material, a Kindle would however be a perfect solution, they aren't too expensive but are expensive enough for a student saving money! I do however have some Christmas money so I think I might treat myself (I have already bought and downloaded some books for it!!)

4. Go Travelling - My boyfriend and I decided that 2011 would be a year for us to have a last fling before we settle down and become grown ups so we have decided that we will go on a Round the World adventure by the end of 2011, hopefully lasting about 9-12 months. This is of course going to cost A LOT of money, so I will be working every hour of the day come summer but I am super looking forward to it already. It will most likely involve the usual places, LA - Pacific Islands - New Zealand - Australia - Asia (we can't agree where in Asia yet, he wants Indonesia, I would quite like Thailand or Malaysia!!) so this time next year I might actually be on a beach somewhere welcoming 2012!

5. Become a better photographer. I am halfway through my first colour film on my camera and I really want to improve on my B&W pictures. I know where I went wrong so I've been trying my hardest to improve, I will definitely post some pics when I get it developed. I would also like to own a Diana Mini so I can keep it in my bag and snap some pictures whenever the mood takes me. I absolutely adore shooting on film, it's so exciting!! However I would love a DSLR but at the moment in time I've got a lot more things to save up for!

6. Improve my running. I did a 5km this year and for 2011 I would ultimately like to run a 10km and perhaps a half-marathon. I've really enjoyed running, but with uni and the snow I haven't run for months, so I've bought some new gear and for the new year I am going to start and keep up with it!

7. Learn to crochet!! I keep meaning to learn but can never find the time!! I will this year, it could keep me occupied in many airports on my RTW adventure!

8. Finally, I would like to do more sewing and re-open my Etsy store, I haven't had anything in it for over a year now because I can't find the time. I will make the time in 2011.

Oh and finally I am going to go through my wardrobe and sell or throw out anything I haven't worn or used in 6 months, I will be ruthless!! I will also try not to buy too many clothes this year as I'm not going to be able to wear or take any of it with me in my backpack!!

Anyway I hope everyone has a lovely New Years Day, and I look forward to continuing my blog into 2011!


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