Saturday, 16 January 2010

Snow snow go away....

Well for the past week and a bit we've had SNOW in the UK, you know that white fluffy stuff, and of course this has bought pretty much the whole country to a stand still! Now I understand that we do not get snow often and as such we are not prepared for it, but I still have to admit it's a bit ridiculous that everyone just starts to panic. All the bread and milk in my local shops were sold out and every single news item seemed to be on snow!

Thankfully it has been getting warmer and warmer for the past few days and my car told me that it was 12 degrees today!!! Positively tropical, and we actually had rain last night!! (I think the first time ever i've been thankful to see rain!) so we now have no white stuff left at all!

However it wasn't all bad, I made a pretty decent (if small) snowman called Derek! Here's some photographic evidence as he unfortunately doesn't exist anymore :(


  1. Yaaaay we are hat twins! River Island, oui? Katy Perry also has our hat. How in fashion are we? ;)

  2. Love the hat, although I think I got it first and Katy Perry copied ;) xx