Monday, 18 January 2010

A lovely weekend..

Well I had a somewhat spontaneous weekend, Saturday was spent trying to do my essay plan for my Land law essay which didn't go amazingly well. However Sunday morning was the start of an exciting weekend! My lovely boyfriend arranged for us to go to the Christchurch Harbour Hotel for the weekend.

After a quick stop to get petrol we were on our way to Dorset, we had lovely weather down in Somerset this weekend so it was a really nice drive up there and for once I wasn't driving which is a nice change! The hotel is absolutely amazing, we only had a "bronze" room but it was incredible, the bed was amazing with a beautiful view of the sea. Our deal included unlimited use of the spa and a three course dinner. The spa was a lovely relaxing way to spend Sunday afternoon and the three course dinner was just amazing, with the finale being the best pudding ever, a chocolate and banana cigar!

Today we both had some spa treatments, I had an amazing facial, my first ever, and it was so amazing it made an hour feel like 10 minutes and I nearly fell asleep, I just wish I was rich enough to have a regular facial. We'll definitely be going back to the hotel, all of the staff were very attentive and friendly and it was just a really lovely, relaxing break!

However now we are back to the real world I really have to make a start with my coursework as it's only two weeks until the hand in date, I also need to finish applications for vacation schemes, so my word head is firmly screwed on, but it was nice to get a relaxing start to the long months ahead!

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