Thursday, 21 January 2010

Beautiful things...

Well Cath Kidston was very naughty this week as it decided to launch it's new spring/summer range which is lovely! There are some fab new prints and best of all they have launched a blackberry phone case!!!! Now of course I couldn't resist, instead of a boring black case I am now the envy (hopefully) of everyone with a beautiful bath flowers blackberry case unfortunately whilst looking for the case I also happened to stumble onto their bag section and accidentally ordered a mini saddle bag I should be the proud owner of the bag in a few days, so I shall update then with how beautiful it is, until then here's a picture!

Other than the joys of Cath Kidston I unfortunately don't have anything else to report, my life at the moment is full of Land law woes and applications for summer placements, both of which are immensely boring and I keep procrastinating and finding things to do, hence the buying of bags and blackberry cases!

On another note my friend's birthday present showed up from America and it is AMAZING!! She is a bit in love with ladybugs and this lovely lady had some great ladybug charms! They arrived today and they are the cutest thing ever, I can't wait to give it to her! And for all of you who haven't yet visited etsy please give it a try, most of the things are handmade etc. and there are some amazing things on there, it can unfortunately get a bit addictive but you are bound to get something unique that no-one else will own! I have an etsy shop but haven't managed to make anything for a while so i'll update when I do!

Right back to the applications......

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