Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Hello again!! And a NOTD!

Hello everyone!

I keep starting my blog with the intention of keeping it up and then life gets in the way and I totally forget about it! I do fully intend to keep it going this time but lets just start one post at a time!

Anyway I am now in my final year of my degree so totally snowed under but I feel quite positive about everything, it's nice to have the end in sight, plus once I'm finished I'm off to Orlando which is even better!!

In the past few months I've become quite obsessed with nail colours, i've acquired loads of different ones so I think i'll be doing a few NOTD as the months go on! So for my first one it is the turn of OPI Sparkle-licious.

It's a beautiful shade, I did find that it needed a base coat so I used Topshop Big Smoke, which is a mink colour. I decided to apply three coats, I don't think it needed three coats but I wanted the extra glitter, and I LOVE it!! It's very easy to apply, looks absolutely fabulous and has so far lasted really well, I would totally recommend it!

So this is a short and sweet first post back, but I fully intend to add more as the weeks go on, with a bit of this and that!

Bye for now!

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