Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Harry Potter...

So hands up who else is excited about the first part of the final installment this Friday?? I for one am EXTREMELY excited. I am a huge Potter head, and probably know the story inside out. I've started reading the last book for the 5th time just to keep myself up to date. I am still disappointed that they are splitting the film up, I think splitting it up is fine but keeping the films nearly 8 months apart is just ridiculous. Everyone knows they have filmed the whole film and it would be nice to watch it a bit sooner than 8 months away.

Anyway enough of that. I am super excited, I've had my tickets for about three weeks now and I am literally counting down the hours until Friday. I will post an updated report once I have watched the film.

Just to keep you going until then... Potter Puppet Pals!!

Bye for now!


  1. Did Hogwarts burn down? I can't remember the female human reading that bit to me...? =^.^=

  2. Ha, Potter Puppet Pals. DUMBLEDORE! Ha ha.

    I'm a huge Potter fan too. I'm gonna sob like a baby after the next one, just because it's all over. There will be a gaping void in my life!